Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aircraft Design: Mock-up Model Fabrication #4

Fourth Step: Foaming

After all the part has been combining, the next process is the foaming process which the process that use the composite material as the base. The foaming process is to make sure all the sectioning part fill with the foam and it will follow the shape of the sectioning part. The process can refer as the figure below:

After one day, the foam need be cutting using knife or the small saw. This step needs done quickly because the foam will shrink in 4 or more days which can defect our model. Then, the foam will shape by using the sand paper. This step need do carefully so the foam is no defect and it will make the foam smoothly follow the cross section and smoothly follow the curvy surface. So our model will be same as we decide. The following step can be referring in figure below: 



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