Monday, March 8, 2010

Aircraft Design: Mock-up Model Fabrication #3

Third Step: Cutting & Filing

After all the sectioning drawing of all the aircraft have been printed, all the sectioning area need to be cut and glue on the ply wood. This step needs to be complete for all aircraft part. The ply wood is use as the base of our mock-up model. After the drawing was glue on the ply wood, the ply wood will be cut according the sectioning shape like the figure above. The filing process will done to make sure the ply wood are smooth as the drawing especially the curvy part such as fuselage and the wing. 



After that all the ply wood which have been cut, it will be combining with another to become one structure. As the fuselage, it needs more sectioning part so the curvature surface can be done properly and smoothly. The combination product can be referring in the figure below:  




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