Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aircraft Design: Mock-up Model Fabrication #5

Fifth Step: Lay-up

Since our requirement needs to use the composite for mock-up model, we precede the process by lay-up process. Thos process to make sure the outer surface is strong enough to resist any load. The fiber glass will be the use as the outer surface skin. The resin and the hardener that we use need be use in ratio 5:2, if the ratio are not be followed, the fiber glass will be defect or the resin will cure in short of time. The process should be follow carefully and all the instruction of lay up must be follow because the fiber glass contains the small particle and it dangerous to or health. So, we need the proper clothing and make sure the mask and glove are wear. For the lay-up process, we only use one layer of fiber glass because the fiber glass that we use is the high density fiber glass. If the low density fiber glass, we will need 2 or 3 plies for the lay-up process. The following figure will show the lay-up process.


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