Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aircraft Design: Mock-up Model Fabrication #2

Second Step: Engineering Drawing

Secondly, after we got all the surface drawing from CATIA V5R19, we need to cut all the aircraft part (fuselage, horizontal tail, vertical tail and wing) into some of section (by taking the cross section of aircraft part). This can be done by using function ‘Sectioning’ in the CATIA V5R19. This process need to be done so the model will be the same as the drawing and it is easier during the fabrication process. As the result you can see in the figure below:

After the sectioning process is done, the engineering drawing will be printed by using function ‘Drafting’ in CATIA V5R19. The engineering drawing important because all the aircraft shape are depends on it. In the reality of aircraft production – the manufacturing process also need the engineering drawing so the aircraft are follow all the specification and the product will be same and precise as the design required. Same as the mock-up model, we also need the engineering drawing to manufacture it.Here is some of the engineering drawing of the sectioning area.


the fuselage cross-section 


wing cross-section 


horizontal tail cross-section 


vertical tail cross-section


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