Monday, March 15, 2010

Aircraft Design: Mock-up Model Fabrication #6
Sixth Step: Assembly and Finishing
After the lay-up process, the next step is the finishing process which includes the filling using filler or poly putty, sanding, and spraying process for the cosmetic. All the aircraft parts need to combine with each other by following the engineering drawing. After that the filler or poly putty need to be put so the scratch or defect surface will recover. After the few time, the filler need to remove by sanding process. The sanding paper which use must be in low grade so, the product surface will not scratch again. After the recovering processes have done, the spraying process will be proceeding. The undercoat (base) will be the white color and it will spray again with other colors. After the cosmetic process done, the clear spraying will use to make sure the undercoat and the cosmetic spraying is removed. It also prevent the product from absorb of water or any dirt. The figure below shows the finishing process: 


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